Vibration Testing

Automobiles, electronics, heavy equipment, home appliances and more…consumers want dependability and manufacturers need to deliver quality. The need to comprehensively test components and systems for shock and vibration resistance can often be the key to long-term product success. Trialon’s experienced team will be your partner to provide complete satisfaction throughout the product validation process.

Vibration Testing Capabilities
  • Combined temperature / humidity dynamic testing
  • Random, Sinusoidal, Sine on Random, Random on Random, Notching
  • Up to 20 channels of control/response monitoring
  • 5Hz to 3000Hz
  • Up to 14,500 force pound electrodynamic systems
  • Velocity up to 72 inches per second
  • Temperature Range from -73°C to 177°C
  • Displacement up to 2.5-inch peak-to-peak (continuous)
  • Relative Humidity up to 95%
  • Up to 13 shaker systems
  • Large slip tables
  • Dynamic strain analysis
Dynamic Support Equipment and Services
  • Vibration fixture design and manufacture
  • Fixture resonance check
  • Resonance search
  • Transmissibility demonstration
  • Up to 20 channels of control/response
  • 48” x 48” head expander
  • Electronic data logging (current, resistance, voltage)
  • Local pick-up and delivery (MI and IN)
Additional Dynamic Testing Services