Scanning Electron Microscope w/ EDX Laboratory

Trialon has the equipment and experienced staff to operate this highly technical piece of laboratory equipment. Our state-of-the-art materials analysis lab located in Auburn Hills, MI is managed by a Ph.D with over 20 years of hands-on experience in root cause failure analysis of design, material and process for current and future products.

Scanning Electron Microscope w/ EDX Capabilities
  • Imaging from 30X to +1000X with high depth of field/li>
  • Variable pressure capability to inhibit charging artifacts in non-conductive samples
  • High vacuum mode for imaging conductive materials (metals)
  • Low pressure mode for imaging non-conductive materials (ceramics, plastics)
  • Secondary electron detector for imaging topographical features
  • Back scattered electron detector for representation of compositional information
  • Inage controlled by average molecular weight
Scanning Electron Microscope w/ EDX Applications
  • Failure analysis; fracture, corrosion and wear
  • Phase distribution; coatings
  • Voltage contrast imaging
Additional Materials Analysis Services