Testing, Engineering & Lab Services
Partnering for an Efficient and Effective Testing Lab

At Trialon, we have a shared commitment to do whatever it takes to help our partners be more successful. And that commitment even extends to outside our walls, by helping OEMs and Tier suppliers who struggle with day-to-day management of their in-house facilities. Since 1982, Trialon’s goal has been to reduce customer stress levels by providing comprehensive, one-stop testing and validation services solutions.

With our experience “Testing the Limits of Innovation” by serving major manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace, medical, military, and consumer products industries, Trialon understands how best to manage sophisticated testing facilities. Among our competencies, key services include:

  • Management of In-House Testing at Client’s Location
  • Prototype Design, Development and Fabrication
  • Tooling and Fixture Design and Fabrication
  • Supervising Client’s In-House Lab Personnel (HR Management)
Worry-Free Management of Daily Operations

After nearly four decades operating our own best-in-class testing laboratories in North America, we’ve learned a great deal about managing efficient, cost effective facilities. Armed with this knowledge, we offer a number of solutions to those organizations in need of improved laboratory operations and personnel management.

Whether an OEM or Tier supplier, Trialon can provide the right amount of support needed to operate your facility successfully. We are experts in the operations of testing and validation laboratories, including management of limited production operations or managing your dedicated equipment and personnel in one of our facilities. Trialon is your partner in providing services tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs. Some examples include:

  • Operating a Client-Owned Test Lab
  • Managing Testing Facilities Partly or Fully Owned by a Client
  • Managing and Operating a Co-Located Lab at a Client’s Development Center
  • Managing Testing Facilities Partly or Fully Owned by a Client
  • Providing Clients with Engineering &/or Testing Resources
  • Operating a Client’s Assembly or Subassembly Department/Shop
  • Managing Client Lab Maintenance and Repair Functions
  • Providing Specification & Test Plan Development Consulting Services
Leverage Our Experience

Do you own a testing facility but find that daily operations are less efficient than you’d like? Trialon can help. Perhaps you need to reduce capital spending at an existing test lab…we can work with you to set up a co-ownership arrangement at your location. Do you want to establish your own in-house test lab, but can’t secure sufficient capital to make it happen? Trialon is ready to listen and offer solutions.

Trialon’s Testing and Engineering Services group understands what it takes to get a validation lab up and running. We also know what’s required to keep a facility operating at peak efficiency. To learn more about how partnering with Trialon can help your organization, please contact us at 800-847-8111 or contactus@trialon.com.