Engine Dynamometer Test and Validation

As an industry-leading partner, Trialon provides the expertise, experience, multiple test cells, and equipment to validate your engine components on out state-of-the-art Dynamometer Test Systems.

Our team has decades of test experience to meet your specific testing needs. Our engine dynamometer test cells allow Trialon to accommodate a wide range of test scenarios that can be used for different driving cycles. Each cell is equipped with specialized engines, exhaust after treatment, emissions measurement and data acquisition.

Engine Dynamometer Testing Capabilities
  • (6) Test Cells
  • Confirmation Testing
  • Validation Testing
  • Steady State Aging
  • Cyclical Aging
  • (3) Shift 24/7 Operation
Test Stand Capabilities
  • (9) Engine Test Sites
  • (1) Natural Gas Burner
  • (1) Diesel Burner
  • Diesel and Gasoline
  • Hot Vibration
  • Poison Testing
Dynamometer Test Controls
  • Site Metrics
  • Advanced Controls developed in-house
  • Data acquisition and monitoring
Additional Dyno and Emissions Services

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