Full Chassis Dynamometer Laboratory

Trialon’s state-of the-art Chassis Dynomometer Laboratory demonstrates how your product favors in real world conditions. Trialon’s technical expertise combined with our customer-focused program management will provide you with the highest quality testing services. Our team is ready to provide your organization with reliable testing services backed by a strong commitment to quality.

Facility Capabilities
  • SuperFlow SF-840 Dual Eddy Current Absorber
  • 42” roll
  • 1000 HP max load
  • 200 Mph max speed
Support Equipment
  • 48” roll
  • 300 HP max load
  • 100 MPH max speed
  • Updated to AC Absorber
  • Prime One/Horiba Dyne Controls
Development Activities
  • Simulate road load test points
  • Simulate portions or complete emissions test schedules
  • Debug EMS code in a safe environment
  • Evaluate component performance
Additional Dyno and Emissions Services